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Australia Customer

Nov. 18, 2020

Region: Australia

Client Name: Nash

Procurement type: House project

Main products: Alu shutter&blind

Mr.Nash came to our showroom in May 2019. At that time, he was looking for building materials for his house. He was tangled for aluminum windows and aluminum roller shutters. Considering the high temperature and rain throughout the year and security, we recommended aluminum roller shutters, which is very suitable for the local climate. Aluminum alloy used in outdoor waterproof and durable, modern design and good looking, and its not easy to fade, unnecessary to repair, but easy to maintain and clean. The house is still under construction, we keep in touch.

Australia Customer

Three months later, we received good news from him and sent me the details and dimensions. He directly told me that he went to other factories to compare the prices. knowing that he checked the price from market, so I gave a very practical price. He told me that he liked our quality and finishing better than other places, and finally decided to choose us. Because there are three installation methods for shutter, internal installation, medium installation and external installation, we confirm that production is arranged after external installation.

Australia Customer

After the customer received the goods, we showed how to install the blinds, which makes the customer feel at ease and put the customer service in place from sale to after sale. Dream shutter successfully installed by Mr.Nash family.

Australia Customer

We are professional in house, villa, hotel projects......

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