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Dubai Customer

Nov. 18, 2020

Region: Dubai

Designer Name: Salem

Procurement type: House project

Main products: Wooden, aluminum, stainless steel door

The first time met with Salem was in April 2019, being with his brother for the house.He is a humorous person, and the entire signing process is done in funny.

He is a very humorous person, and the entire signing process is done in funny. He knew that they want simple style, economic style doors. Considering the high temperature in Dubai all year round, we recommended that use 304 stainless steel door for main gate, which are resistant to high temperatures, not easy to corrode and waterproof. Due to the low indoor temperature, that recommended to use HDF materials and aluminum door for toilet, which is waterproof and good looking. After determining a good number of styles and sizes, we given a reasonable price, without any bargain, he paid the deposit directly.

Dubai Customer

Three months later, Salem took the initiative to contact us and received the door, but he was still in the smallpox decoration stage. Said that he could not wait to install the door, this kind of humor made me feel that we were real friends.

Dubai Customer

In April of this year, we received feedback from customers. He expressed their satisfaction with our products and quality. We are also very happy to give him a warm home. Thank you very much for your support.

Dubai Customer

We are professional in house, villa, hotel projects......

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