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Inidan Customer

Nov. 18, 2020

Region: Hyderabad, India

Designer Name: Sudha

Procurement type: villa project

Main products: Aluminum door

The first time met with Mr.Sudha was in May 2019. He is a senior designer for different projects in India. This time he was looking for aluminum door for his villa project.

In India, most of them use upvc windows and doors because of the low cost of upvc materials,but he need it for villa so that i recommend aluminum products and compare the difference between upcv and aluminum. (Waterproof, soundproof, dust proof, heat insulation) In contrast, he prefers aluminum doors with slim frame, customer is worried about high indoor temperature in hot seasons,again recommend blinds for the sun. He is satisfied with it.

Inidan Customer

After two months we recieved door inquiry from customer who name is SR, we talked about the design, open direction, color, sizes and final the drawing online. Again confirmed all the details and drawings, we got deposit and it was our first cooperation.  

Inidan Customer

Before shipment, will check whether the wheels are smooth and the accessories can be used normally. If all the things have no problem,use foam to cover the four corners of the doors that the glass will not break easily.

Inidan Customer

Based on the first cooperation, customer was satisfied with material, quality and finished effect.Mr. Sudha said that we were very professional and was impressed by our products and service.

Inidan Customer

Second order

Inidan Customer

Third order

We are professional in house, villa, hotel projects......

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