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Jordan Customer

Nov. 18, 2020

Region: Jordan

Designer Name: Abedasslam

Procurement type: House project

Main products: Wooden door

The first time I met Mr.Abedasslam was off work in March 2019. He was in a hurry purchased house material. After buying marble, I knew that he also need door for this house, so I showed him door samples in my showroom. Because the weather in Jordan is relatively hot and the his budget is relatively high, he just chose the oak door, which is suitable for indoor use. For high temperature areas, indoor doors cannot be fully solid, so we recommended that put 80% filling inside wood, the shade is durable indoors, and the door will not expand due to the inside filled with materials.This time, the customer only provides the approximate size of the door. After back to Jordon, the engineer will be send the accurate size.

Jordan Customer

After three months, we receive the latest size of the customer and arrange production. The production time of the wooden door is about one month, but the most important thing is to ensure the quality and surface treatment. Mr.Abedasslam was satisfied with the quality of this door.

Jordan Customer

The customer has already installed the door, indicating that will send installation pictures of the door. Looking forward to the next project from Mr. Abedasslam and thanks for his trust and support.

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