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Libya Customer

Feb. 25, 2022

Project location: Libya

Client name: Mr Haithem


Mr Haithem is living in British, but the project is in Libya. We met online two years ago, and customers need aluminum alloy doors and windows, wood doors, main door that should meet the British standards. After a series of consultations, customers feel that we are very professional, and the product introduction is very detailed, which makes customers very reassured, so we are selected. Because we will give customers different plans according to the customer ' s drawings. The plan includes whether the budget meets the customer ' s needs, whether the profile meets the local building standards, and whether the delivery date meets the customer ' s requirements, etc.


Customers finally choose Navy Blue color aluminum alloy doors and windows, the larger size is made to sliding window, because sliding window is easy to use, sound insulation and waterproof, glass is a double layer gray coating, better than ordinary glass durability. The door is a carbonized cherry wood , which has the advantages of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, waterproof and non-cracking. The room door is a composite material (plywood)with high performance, which ensures the sound insulation and waterproof effect, and the price is not very high.

After three months, the customer finally installed all the doors and windows, and sent me the scene pictures. The customer was very happy because he bought the doors and windows with very good quality from China. His friend looked at his doors and windows and felt very good, and said he also wanted to buy them from us.


In fact, we have many customers of this type, and long-term cooperation begins after the first cooperation. It may be difficult to make a deal at first because customers don ' t know enough about us and don ' t know that we export doors and windows is very professional, but we are usually patient in communicating with customers because we know that we are not selling doors and windows, but helping customers solve the problem of decoration. This is a very noble thing. We will also do our doors and windows as always, so that more and more customers can use high-end products which are made in China.


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