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Madagascar Customer

Mar. 31, 2022

This is a picture of our Madagascar customer after the renovation is completed, the customer loves our products and wants to maintain a cooperative relationship with Skyland Door&Window,The customer felt that our product quality was very good, the communication was very smooth, and solved her many decoration troubles.马达加斯加128003.jpg

The main door is made of zinc alloy material, anti-theft while also ensuring the beauty, outdoor balcony door is made of aluminum alloy double-layer tempered glass sliding door, simple style and durable.

If you are renovating your house, or you have villas, apartments, hotel projects, need to purchase doors and windows, you are also welcome to consult us, we will use our professional knowledge, rich experience, to help you solve the problem of decoration materials, so that you can get faster progress in this business.


We solve the project problems for many customers in Africa, the Americas and the Middle East, and there have always been many customers who have purchased doors and windows from us

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