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Mongolia Customer

Nov. 18, 2020

Region: Mongolia

Designer Name: Zoya

Procurement type: House project

Main products: Wooden door, stainless steel door

The first time met with Zoya was in July 2019, being with her father for the house. Due to the large temperature difference in Mongolia and the large wall thickness, it is mainly for cold protection. They prefer modern style, so we recommend interior doors that match the style and materials of their country.

She was worried that the dimensions would be inaccurate, and she was relieved after we showed the professional measuring scale. We must clear the size, wall thickness, glass put it inside the glass or outside, after confirmed the drawing we start production.

New Design Door Wood

The product is finished after one month and we put the shipping label requested on it, its more clearly identify products of different sizes. In September, We received a delivery notice and the customer requested that send goods to the designated logistics company before sending it to Mongolia.

New Design Door Wood

Zoya paid great attention to the product details, but we did not let her down and she was satisfied after receiving the product, she is satisfied with our product quality and service attitude.Three months later, based on product quality and we trust each other, we received a second order and successfully shipped.

Mongolia Customer

We are New Design Door Wood professional in house, villa, hotel projects......

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