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Zambia Customer

Nov. 18, 2020

Customer named: Chitalu

Region: Zambia

Procurement type: Villa

Main product: Wooden door, aluminum window

This customer was introduced by an old customer who bought wooden doors and aluminum  windows from us in March last year. Chitalu also wanted to buy doors and windows to her villa on our side in July 2019. But at that time her villa is still under construction, and she planed to buy the products in batches,will purchase aluminum windows for her villa the first time.

Based on the trust and introduction of old customers, the window profile that the customer wants is the same as the previous customer, so the price remains the same.When we received the size given by the customer, we found that there was a corner window that was special. We asked the customer to provide a site window picture to avoid mistakes,then confirm the profile color and door size.The most important thing is that the villa is still under construction. It is necessary to understand whether the size is according to the size of the finished tiles or not installed, to avoid size mistakes and ensure that every detail is correct.

Zambia Customer

After one month, the customer told me that the size of her window had been changed and he needed to keep the tile installation position, so this time we confirmed the final size and aluminum color. We start to product windows. One month later, all the products are ready and the inspection photos were sent to the customer. She was satisfied. In July of this year, we received an inquiry for wooden door, its easy for us to communicate the design and color. Because of the high temperature in Africa all year round, outdoor must use best wood which can be waterproof heatproof stable wood and will not change the wood color, and Chitalu budget is middle, so I recommend economical and durable material Plywood which is stable and good quality for outside main door. Interior door use economical MDF material which is used for bedroom door, after confirmed color design size and open direction we start the production. Thank you for Chitalus trust and support.

In Summary:

1. 1.For products, ensure the quality and every details is correct, make sure there is no make mistake.

2. For our company, we can provide our best service and our professional advice to our customer which they satisfied after receive the product. We also can provide the house design this kind of service for customer.

3. We also have after sales team, if there is any after sales problem, we can solve to your immediately.

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