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Apr. 08, 2022


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What is the secret about aluminum alloy doors?

We have all heard aluminum be referred to as the ‘magical metal’, but what is the reason behind that. It mainly has something and everything to do with the chemical, mechanical, and physical properties of modern-day aluminum alloys.


In this article, we will look into perspective on why you should pick aluminum alloy doors over UPVC doors. This is based on the advantages and disadvantages of both types.


To begin with let’s have a look at reasons why you should consider aluminum alloy doors over UPVC doors, let’s dive in:


1. It is 100% recyclable!

Aluminum alloy is 100% recyclable, and still maintains the same quality as the original aluminum, this only means one thing, it means that you can recycle it time and time again until the quality is completely off. According to research, it is said that 75% of all the aluminum to ever be produced is still being used present day. In a world where mother earth is facing huge environmental problems, this seems to be the better choice.

2. Strength

Aluminum as an alloy is very strong, by itself as a metal it is not strong but once mixed with elements like Silicon and manganese its strength increases greatly, we are talking about an increase from 90MPa in the pure alloy up to 690MPa strength in aluminum alloy. This only means that aluminum alloy doors and windows are capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions i.e extreme heat, extreme cold as well as extreme wind and this makes choosing aluminum alloy doors and windows a smarter choice.

3. Aluminum is very light

You would not expect an alloy with so much strength to be lightweight but it is true, that aluminum has a weight that is approximated to be only a third of the weight of steel or copper. Being one of the lightest commercially available metal makes it ideal for windows and doors because when it comes to none load-bearing elements in a building, the lighter the better.

4. Unbreakable

Sounds perfect, right, you read that right. If we can all have our old school Chemistry brush up, aluminum is malleable and ductile which means it can be bent, reshaped, pressed, or even drawn out in a thin wire without breaking. It is the second most malleable and sixth most ductile metal. This is amazing news to those considering purchasing aluminum alloy doors and gives you all the more reason to pick aluminum alloy doors.


5. Good-looking

Aluminum alloy can be coated to give it a decorative smooth finish and this gives you a double advantage. Meaning you will be installing doors and windows that not only are strong but also look fantastic. That sounds like a win and a good reason to opt for aluminum alloy doors.


What about UPVC doors?

Now that we have exhausted all the good reasons as to why you should pick aluminum alloy doors and windows let’s have a quick look at UPVC doors and windows. UPVC windows and doors are manufactured with polyvinyl chloride or PVC, UP in UPVC stands for unplasticized PVC.


The good side of UPVC doors lies in their being low maintenance, durability i.e won’t change shape or warp over time, long life span i.e can last up to 35 years, and non-porous which means precipitation can not soak in. But this is just the top of it, let’s dive into some not so superior properties of UPVC doors and windows which make it a lesser-considered pick between the two.


1. Not so good-looking!

Some UPVC doors and UPVC casement windows lack the aesthetically superior look, this is when compared to not only aluminum alloy doors but also even when compared to wooden doors. We live in a world where aesthetics matter and everybody wants to have aesthetically pleasing elements and if you are looking for that you will not get it with UPVC doors and windows.

2. UPVC is cheap

That is surprisingly not defined in terms of cost instead, it simply means that using UPVC double glazing sliding windows and doors will cheapen the overall look of your building or house that matters. It has a simple cheap plastic look and in all frankness, this is the last thing you would want for the overall appearance of your building.

3. Discoloration

This is usually the case for cheaper models in particular, with UPVC doors and windows discoloration happens over time and cannot be fixed, that only signifies the lifespan is almost up. In all honesty, this is not so pleasing to the eyes and makes it a less superior choice under aluminum alloy doors when it comes to picking between the two.

4. It’s all in the structure in general

This has a lot of components which include

They are not weatherproof enough i.e not able to withstand extreme weather conditions, unlike wooden and aluminum alloy doors.

They are too lightweight to be used as the front door.

UPVC doors can sag and girdle because they are not structurally strong.

Extreme heat raptures the frames so they can not withstand extreme weather conditions as opposed to aluminum alloy doors.

5. Easy to break and hard to fix!

The irony is that this feature is the extreme opposite of the unbreakable feature in aluminum alloy doors and windows. This is leaves room for vulnerability to break-ins, burglary, and vandalism, which overall means they are less safer unless proper security measures are taken when installing UPVC doors and windows.


Why should I use aluminum alloy doors instead of uPVC doors and windows?

We have exhausted all the major pros and cons of aluminum alloy doors over uPVC doors and if you want a classic durable and good quality door, aluminum alloy doors are the way.











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