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What Do You Need To Pay Attention To When Purchasing Doors And Windows From China

Apr. 08, 2022

Among the main components of a building include windows and doors therefore a decision on where to buy them is an important decision. China is the world’s largest exporter of aluminum doors and windows reaching up to $1.02B in the year 2018 and this makes up almost 22% of the world’s total.


Therefore if you are considering purchasing and importing doors and windows from China, you have a good reason to but without a doubt, you must have a lot of questions in your head like, how will I purchase them? Do I pay in their currency or mine or dollars, how long is the transaction process, and do I need to get a reliable freight forwarder.


In this article, we will try to answer as many such questions as we can but also give you insights on what to consider when you decide to buy doors and windows from China.


The following are points to consider that will help you purchase doors and windows from door suppliers in China comfortably and with reliability.


What building materials do you want?

First things first, you need to know if you want products made of aluminum, wooden, uPVC, or any other kind. Research each material type their pros and cons, compare prices, compare with local prices and domestic quality. Make sure you do thorough research that will fit your needs and meet the requirements also based on the environment (weather), and what you envision for your building for those particular elements.


Also, the architectural design of your building has a huge influence on what type of materials to consider, materials are also determined by the function of the specific rooms that will use those doors and windows. It is important to be clear on what you need when it comes to design and function to help you narrow down your options of what materials to use.


On top of that, you should know the standards for windows and doors in your country to pick the correct material. This includes especially weather conditions, what is allowed and what is not allowed depending on policies of where you are from. Town planning varies from place to place so it is important to know what is allowed and not allowed just to be sure before going any further.


Choose a reliable supplier

Now, this point might be a little bit difficult because how do you pick a reliable supplier from a country far away. How do you make sure you still get genuine products at a good price? Do you want from a supplier or a middleman, how can you tell if your contact supplier is from a factory or a middleman? Do they support the dollar price for doors and windows?


Not all factories produce quality genuine products so there are some points to consider to get yourself an assurance over the quality that you will get from your contact supplier. Since most factories in China are located in suburban areas or allocated industrial areas a few miles from the city center.


So, if you get an address that seems to be in the urban area there is a huge chance that your contact supplier is a trading company and not a manufacturer who usually quotes from 15%-50% more than the factory price. Since China does not use google so you can use Baidu a Chinese version of Google to verify for yourself.


You can also try to check what other products are available from your contact supplier because factories usually produce one type of product. So if he is a supplier of a certain type of doors and windows but also displays other products like tables, electric devices, and others, chances are you are not in direct contact with the factory.


Another consideration is coming for trade shows on windows and doors to get wholesale prices, unfortunately, there are usually no such trade exhibitions which means your only option is to visit wholesale markets so you have a wide variety of selections of doors and windows of your preference.


If you are a first-time buyer in China it is in your best interest to consider getting help from a sourcing company that is reliable and professional to avoid making mistakes on such an important purchase.


How do I pay for my purchased goods?

Paying for your purchase from a supplier is a tense process especially if you have never done any business with the supplier before. This is an important question because, in China, they use their currency so you are wondering about payments and which is the easiest, safest, and most reliable way to do the money transfer. Also wondering if they have actually received the payment or it’s still pending, if confirmed then you are wondering will they truthfully ship your products.


Every transaction in China dealing with exports and exports is done in USD and this is because the Chinese Reminibi is not yet a fully convertible currency, therefore you will be required to pay in US dollars.


Well, luckily we have the Alibaba platform which is an advanced and reliable eCommerce platform in China and Western Union where we have US Dollar accounts so that problem is solved.


How do I import doors and windows from China?

When negotiating your transportation price, consider what fees are included or excluded, the clearance charges, container costs, and any other charges you might need to pay for yourself, we can provide help with that.


To transport your windows and doors from China can be difficult and a headache for anyone, but Skyland doors and windows is a reliable door supplier from China, they are professional manufacturers of top-quality doors and windows and can provide you with smooth delivery.







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