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Why Choose Aluminum Windows?

Sep. 09, 2022

Aluminum doors and windows are becoming more and more popular in commercial and residential buildings. Aluminum window frames can match almost any color and home style. They can also be made into a variety of different configurations, including flattened windows, double overhanging windows, sliding windows / doors, awning windows, fixed windows, and lifting and sliding doors. Here are some reasons why you should choose aluminum.


Why Choose Aluminum Windows?



Aluminum windows are not easy to warp; they are weatherproof, corrosion resistant and are not affected by ultraviolet rays, ensuring the best performance and long service life. Their sturdy window frames last longer than wood and vinyl frames.


Multiple color selection.

Aluminum windows can be coated with powder or anodized in thousands of colors. The only limit to color is your imagination.


High efficiency and energy saving.

Because aluminum is light, malleable and easy to use, manufacturers are able to produce window frames with high levels of air tightness, waterproofing and air tightness, which means excellent energy efficiency.



Aluminum windows are much cheaper than wooden frames. They will not leak; as a result, they can save a lot of energy costs.


Low maintenance.

In contrast to wood, aluminum does not warp or rot. In addition, no paint decoration is required. The strength of aluminum is enough to withstand the load of the window lintel, and the degree of reinforcement is the lowest. Aluminum windows are almost maintenance-free.


Better maneuverability.

Aluminum is a durable substance and will maintain its shape over time. As a result, aluminum doors and windows will continue to open and slide smoothly for many years.


Why Choose Aluminum Windows?


Sound insulation.

Aluminum windows are much better at sound insulation than vinyl windows. Because they are three times heavier than vinyl and many times stronger. In addition, when you choose silent features, aluminum windows are best because they can support heavier glass windows than other solutions.


Safety characteristic.

The linkage hardware and handle operation around the window sash make the window have excellent security and security. In addition, the aluminum window has a strong resistance to forced entry, and has a high-quality multi-point locking mechanism, which makes it impossible for people to break in.

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