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  • Fire-Rated Perlite Core Wood Doors

  • Fire-Rated Perlite Core Wood Doors

  • Fire-Rated Perlite Core Wood Doors

Fire-Rated Perlite Core Wood Doors

30/60/90/120 minute fire-rating with UL/BS/CE certificate
Available with a range of design and color
Fire resistant perlite core
1-3/4” Thick or thicker door slab

Product Description


How to make a fire rated door?

As a experienced fire rated door manufacturer,our doors are made by plywood structure and filling with perlite core or mineral core,which compeletely reserved for elevated fire-rating requirements.Every doors  has been independently tested by the certified testing agency,after that,each door come with fire lable.



What ratings for fire door?

Wooden fire doors are “rated” by time.It have 20/45/60/90/180 minutes rating different because of door components.


What design are avalible for fire rated door?

The door design are customized,it means any design you imagine or from a visual perspective,it can be made by skyland company.on the other hand,we can provide our catalogue which include period, classic, and contemporary styles.So just contact us now!



What is hardware for fire door?

It is very important to buy a suitable hardware for fire door,a quality hardware means all the elements that take place in tests of resistance against fire in doors,which can avoid transmission of smoke and gas.Skyland company have established a win-win corparation with many famous hardware company,so we can provide best fire door hardware,include locks, hinges, door closers, handles, panic bars, etc.1645952640(1)(1).png


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