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Skyland Door & Window is a one-stop solution for your interior commercial doors. We stock unfinished and pre-finished commercial wooden doors, fire rated mineral core wood doors, and doors with shutters and commercial wood doors with glass.
Our knowledgeable staff will work with architects, contractors, owners and end users to ensure all design and construction needs are met. We provide architectural grade Aluminium Door Design With Glass, Commercial Wood Doors, Swinging Door, Sliding Door, Folding Door for various businesses and institutions, including office buildings, hotels, hospitals, medical centers, schools, apartment buildings, etc.

Aluminium Door Design With Glass

Aluminium Door Designs are the number one choice for commercial and residential spaces. Metal doors and frames provide excellent durability and sound insulation. They also offer a high level of security as their sturdy construction resists break-ins. Consider the benefits of installing this type of door in your commercial space:

Ease of Maintenance: Metal doors resist damage, so they tend to be easier to maintain and repair.

Durability: Metal doors and frames can withstand physical wear, storms and frequent use.

Insulation: Hollow metal doors can help regulate indoor air temperature in commercial spaces, making them more comfortable.

Versatility: Since metal doors are durable, they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Security: Metal doors are structurally stable and protect your property from dangers such as fire and break-ins.

Skyland offers a wide variety of aluminum doors design in a range of styles, including sliding doors, slide & fold, and thermal break slider doors.

Commercial Wood Doors

Just like metal doors, architectural wood doors are durable enough to withstand heavy and frequent use, but are recommended for indoor use only. Also, wood provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Doors of all sizes and types can be pre-machined to fit nearly any hardware application; everything from keyholes, hinged pockets, power access card locks, concealed vertical bars to window and shutter inserts.

All industry standard sizes

Our Commercial Wood Doors With Glass are durable enough to withstand heavy and frequent use with a great look. We offer industry leading standard widths and heights for your openings. We offer cutting and re-styling for custom sized doors to suit any custom opening. Be sure to review our width and height size charts before building a quote. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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