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  • Premium Aluminium Bifold Doors | Folding Doors China

  • Premium Aluminium Bifold Doors | Folding Doors China

  • Premium Aluminium Bifold Doors | Folding Doors China

Premium Aluminium Bifold Doors | Folding Doors China

Folding doors are wonderful option for us to expand interior and exterior space and bring is an increased amount of natural light to our house.

Whatever outwards or inwards, the bifold door create a large, unobstructed opening. Thanks to a multi-point folding door system offers a much larger opening than a swing door can.

Product Description

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·Up to 8 panels each side (8 left and 8 right) (16 leaf in total)

·multiple opening outwards or inwards

·Profile support upgrade(Thickness,Construction) 

·Multiple glass configuration / options

·Optional colouring for profile

Application From our Customer


Advantages of Bi-Fold Door

Stunning and Secure

All panels are double tempered glass as a standard offer the incredibly secure,even triple-glazed is available. 

In addition, high security hinges and auto-locking system offer the anti-pinch function, protect our hand in daily using.

Smooth Opening

Ensure the panels can be opening smooth outwards or inwards,top and bottom rollers using the high quality stainless steel material to hold the doors,meanwhile the rollers will be hidden when the doors closed.

Create More Space

Compare to traditional sliding or swing doors, according to fold and slid all the panels to one side, folding doors create a large, unobstructed opening. 

Help us to expand our interior and exterior space, bring the great and comfort of you home.

Great Water-resistant performance

No matter what the weather is like, when the folding door closed,thanks to a multi-point locking system, high security hinges and upgraded glass, those make the frames and panels close so tightly and offer great waterproof level.

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