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  • USA Solid Wood Door Design

  • USA Solid Wood Door Design

  • USA Solid Wood Door Design

  • USA Solid Wood Door Design

  • USA Solid Wood Door Design

USA Solid Wood Door Design

Solid wooden doors
Mahogany color door
White door

Product Description



Four advantage of  solid wood doors

1.The wood grain texture of solid wood doors is clear, with a strong sense of integrity and three-dimensionality, which makes people feel more comfortable when they look. The solid wood door is made of solid wood as a whole. The most popular materials are american red, mahogany,walnut, Burma teak, beech and so on.

2.After processing,the finished solid wood door has the characteristics of no deformation, corrosion resistance, no spell seam and good heat insulation.And because a solid wood door is made of completely real wood material,so it is high density and heavy,and that is why the solid wood door has good sound absorbing properties,to play a play a role of sound insulation.

3.The inner and outer materials of solid wood doors are the same.

4.Solid wood door are generally soft warm colors , moisture and mildew proof and provides excellent heat insulation effect.

What type of wood are best for making doors

1630980870(1).jpgCherry wood door 

Cherry wood is medium hardwood,the texture is clear, so the cherry wood door is durable, simple and fashionable.


Mahogany wood door 

Mahogany is one of hard wood which is best wood for making doors.As it has closed wood grain,so mahogany wood doors looks very well.

On the other hand,Mahogany’s resistance to rotting and stable


Oak wood door 

Oak wood is a highly firmness and stable wood that is insect-resistant  making it become one of the best species use to making doors.

TEAK WOOD_副本.png

Teak wood door 

With oil content,teak wood has unique wood grain and luxury color,it is best material for making exterior door and interior door


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Why buy wooden doors from Skyland

Factory over view.jpgBarn Door04.jpgBarn Door04.jpgBarn Door04.jpgBarn Door04.jpgBarn Door04.jpg  

For over 15 years,we strive to provide our cutomer high quality wooden doors,which led us established a professional design, research and development team,and set higher standards for making every door perfectly,Skyland has own workshop,which is one of biggest door factory in Foshan.

  Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.


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