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Folding Door

Aluminium Folding Door Supplier​'s folding doors have two functions, they can be fully opened to let sunlight into an otherwise darkened space,

Product Description

If you need more space, opting for a folding door will be a wise investment.

Aluminium Folding Door Supplier redefines contemporary style as a bi-folding door or window
The Aluminium Folding Door's clean design features a narrow 2 3/4" frame and rail profile to accommodate more glass and light. Aluminium systems are ideal for residential and commercial projects in mild climates or as interior space dividers. Folding doors from aluminum folding door suppliers have two functions, they can be fully opened to let sunlight into an otherwise dark space, or they can be used as dividing walls. Thanks to its generous glass dimensions and thick frame, the folding doors allow you to soak up as much sunlight as possible in your landed luxury dream home!
If you're looking for a high-quality sliding door replacement for your home, consider Aluminium Folding Door Supplier. Our bi-fold folding glass doors modernize your home, opening up your living area to allow outside and inside to mix and allow air and light to flow unobstructed. This solution allows you to open and merge spaces and divide them into internal and external sections. Control your environment and enjoy panoramic views from home.
Advantages of Aluminium Folding Door
Compared to swing doors and sliding doors, which can be opened to a certain extent, folding doors have the advantage of versatility because they can be folded and opened according to your needs. Therefore, it can effectively increase the space of your bungalow or luxury villa by allowing a larger entrance and easier transition between the two spaces.

Material: Aluminum(6063-T5)

Profile thickness: 1.2-2.0mm

Color: Any color for your choice

Glass: Hollow glass, laminated glass, tempered glass, Low-E glass, floated glass, reflective glass

single glazing /double glazing 

Single: 4/5/6/9/10/12mm

Double: 4/5/6mm+6/9/12/16A+4/5/6mm

Any other glass thickness according to customer's requirements.

Mesh: 304# Stainless steel, Metal and nylon material

Finished: Powder coated, Fluorocarbon, and Anodizing



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